The songwriter, singer, and producer first discovered her love for dark soundscapes, deep bass, and unique vocals in 2016, resulting in the creation of some deep electronica and techno features. Since then, she has continuously refined her sound towards experimental pop realms. Her debut album, "There Is No Sunset," released in October 2023, marks the culmination of this musical metamorphosis. The album is an artistic rebellion against societal norms and the rigid concepts of "right" and "wrong." In the nuances of her music, JEWLS not only questions the world around her but also her own position in this complex framework. She dissects her own standards, exposes the double standards that shape her, and skillfully weaves them into the lyrical landscape of her work. In doing so, she confronts us with pressing questions of sustainability on a personal level and explores the selfishness and narcissism that thrive on an individual level. Collaborating with synthetic, cinematic soundscapes gives her work a futuristic dimension.

About There Is No Sunset

In a world where the sunset often serves as a clichéd backdrop for a presumed happy ending, JEWLS plunges into the depths of our society and the self-deceptions and illusions that people all too willingly succumb to on her debut album, "There Is No Sunset." The idyllic setting of a Caribbean beach at dusk, an expression of hope – all of it deceives. In reality, it's a cosmic illusion while the Earth turns away from the sun, unfazed. "There Is No Sunset" confronts us with the urgent reality of sustainability. It explores the selfishness and narcissism that thrive on an individual level, as well as the highly complex, often wounded emotions that drive us. In JEWLS' mystical and playful world, partly melancholic, partly dark soundscapes collide with guitars and breakbeats. The album meanders between experimental art-pop elements and atmospheric electro-pop, reminiscent of bands like Ätna and artists like FKA twigs. The artist plays with pop spheres and patterns, sometimes with shattered sounds seeking answers, other times losing them in dreamy guitar riffs. Her voice oscillates between fragility and darkness, as if wandering through green forests of an alien world. A touch of rave mixes into her melodies.


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